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First beginning production in the ‘50s in Castelfranco, Italy. Aristarco now ranks among the leaders in the manufacture of glass/dishwasher & warewashing equipment for hotels and restaurants and bars, and has a well respected presence in the sector worldwide.


Aristarco Compact 20, Aristarco Gemini , Aristarco Program 25, Aristarco AE35.21, Aristarco AE38.25, Aristarco AE40.29, Aristarco AP35.21, Aristarco AP38.25, Aristarco AP40.29, Aristarco AP40.28E

Aristarco AE45.30, Aristarco AE50.32, Aristarco AP45.30, Aristarco AP50.32, Aristarco AP50.35, AP1000 Aristarco AL45.32e Aristarco AL50.34e, Aristarco 50.40e, Aristarco 55.45e, Aristarco Aliseo 40.28e, Aristarco 45.32e

Aristarco passport Range 38.25 45.28 45.30 50.32 50.35 55.40 1040 GL1240

Aristarco AP1000, AE1000, AE1400e, LP55-65, LP55-80, LP65-65, LP125-80. Aristarco TR Range 1650, 2000, 1000, 1200

Click here to view the full Aristarco Spares Catalogue (pdf 2.8mb)

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