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Classic Warewashing was a family business formed in 1977 to provide the hospitality industry with a range of robust, simple to use and cost effective range of glass and dishwashing equipment. Working closely with our distributor partners from day one, Classic has enjoyed tremendous success having grown to dominate our sector of the market. In 2004 the company was purchased by Winterhalter.


Classeq ECO 1, Classeq Eco 2, Classeq Eco 3, Classeq Duo 2, Classeq Duo 3

Classeq Hydro 500, Classeq Hydro 700, Classeq Hydro 750, Classeq Duo 500, Classeq Duo 750, Classeq Hydro 857, Classeq Hydro 957,

Classic Hydro Series, Classic Eco Series

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