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Quality, efficiency, reliability and technological innovation have combined to keep the Comenda range of warewashing systems at the forefront of hygienic washing excellence for over 40 years. One of the world’s premier brands, Comenda is synonymous with professional warewashing.

Models –

Comenda BHC25, Comenda BHC25A, Comenda BHC30, Comenda BHC30A, Comenda BHC433, Comenda BHC433A, Comenda C34, Comenda C95, Comenda C1000EBT, Comenda C1300EBT, Comenda FC3E, Comenda FC4E, Comenda FC53, Comenda FC54 & 54A, Comenda FC533, Comenda FC543, Comenda FC544, Comenda LB200, Comenda LB215 (2003), Comenda LB215A (2003), Comenda LB275 (2003), Comenda LB275A (2003), Comenda LBC210, Comenda LBC215, Comenda LBC215A, Comenda LBC275, Comenda LBC275A, Comenda LBR200, Comenda LBR215, Comenda LBR215A, Comenda LC700BT, Comenda LC900BT, Comenda LC1200BT, Comenda LF315, Comenda LF320, Comenda LF320A, Comenda LF321, Comenda LF321A, Comenda LF322, Comenda LF322A, Comenda LF324, Comenda LF324A, Comenda LF323, Comenda LF 323A, Comenda LF350, Comenda LF350A, Comenda LF325E, Comenda LF325EA, Comenda LF700, Comenda LF700A

Click here to view the full Comenda Spares Catalogue (pdf 3.6mb)

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