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Since 1967, Hoonved have been producing the very best in warewashing technology. Hoonved offers a complete range of glass washing, dishwashing and utensil washing machines, as well as rack conveyor dishwashers for bars, restaurants, confectioners, bakeries, butchers, catering and the food industry.


Hoonved C35, Hoonved C43, Hoonved C48, Hoonved C53, Hoonved C60, Hoonved C43e, Hoonved C46e, Hoonved C53e, Hoonved C60e, Hoonved STS35, Hoonved STS43, Hoonved STS53, Hoonved STS60, Hoonved ST43e, Hoonved ST46E, Hoonved ST53E, Hoonved ST60E, Hoonved CAP 7, Hoonved CAP 10, Hoonved CAP12, Hoonved CAP15e, Hoonved ED550, Hoonved ED650, Hoonved ED650s, Hoonved EDI Range, Hoonved TR-E 90/100/150/170/200/230

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