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For over 45 years Silanos have produced high quality dishwashers, glasswashers and warewashers for the Commercial market from their factory in Milan, Italy. Over the years, Silanos have becomeone of the most respected companies for quality and reliablity in the world.

Silanos DC35, Silanos DC40, Silanos DC50, Silanos DC500, Silanos DC600, Silanos DC600, Silanos DC700, Silanos DC800, Silanos DC500A, Silanos DC600A, Silanos DC700A, Silanos DC800A, Silanos DC1000, Silanos DC1300, Silanos DC1000A, Silanos DC1300A, Silanos DC035, Silanos DC040, Silanos DC045, Silanos DC050, Silanos DC060, Silanos DC070, Silanos DC60A, Silanos DC070A, Silanos DC0100, Silanos DC0100A

Click here to view the full Silanos Spares Catalogue (pdf 3.2mb)


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