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Simag have been manufacturing icemakers for over 30 years, from their base in Rho, Italy. Now part of the Scotsman Industries group, they distribute their machines worldwide. Models: Simag SDN20, Simag SND25, Simag SCN25, Simag SDN30, Simag SDN35, Simag SCN35, Simag SDN45, Simag SCN45, Simag SDN65, Simag SC70, Simag SDN 85, Simag SDN145, Simag 215, Simag SC120, Simag SC210, Simag SPR80, Simag SPR120, Simag SPR165, Simag SV135, Simag SV215, Simag SV315, Simag SV385, Simag SV535, Simag SP125, Simag SP255, Simag SP405, Simag SP605

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